Pattern testing is so much fun, and I am really enjoying testing some great patterns from some fabulous designers. It is quite amazing to be part of this creative process. Getting to be part of a group of people who sew has been most inspiring whether it was learning sewing terminology, sewing techniques or my most favorite – learning how to choose the right fabric for a project and knowing how to combine different fabrics to show off the design elements in a particular project.

The just released Magrath Dress & Tunic by Abby of Sew Much Ado is an adorable dress with a sweetheart yoke in the front and a curved yoke in the back with options for short, 3/4th or long sleeves and can be made in both dress or tunic versions.


Photo Feb 08, 8 05 10 PM

I went with some really dark colors and I am in love with the contrasting yoke and bodice. I think the 3/4 sleeves are my most favorite length!

Photo Feb 08, 8 03 42 PM

The pattern comes with clear instructions on adding the exposed zipper which is such a fun way to add an extra pop of color in the back!

Photo Feb 08, 8 01 52 PM

Both the front and back yokes can be replaced with solid front and back bodice pieces for a simple well fitting dress or tunic! The yokes didn’t end up being super symmetrical 😦 but I am still pleased with my top stitching here.

Photo Feb 08, 8 01 09 PM

She’s posing with her ‘Frozen’ spoon and there was nothing I could (or dared to) do to pry that out of her grasp 🙂

And obviously, since adorable patterns such as this should not be sewn just once, we made a second version with short sleeves and tunic length.

Photo Feb 08, 8 14 38 PM

I was saving the chambray with little embroidered flowers for a different project and meant to pair it with white but the paisley fabric happened to be there and they looked like they absolutely belonged together so here they are!

Photo Feb 08, 8 16 32 PM

Abby’s instructions for attaching the yoke to the bodice are really great and I am especially proud of how sharp it looks here 🙂

Photo Feb 08, 8 15 35 PM

I can’t make up my mind if I like the dress more or the tunic more but she definitely favors the tunic, she LOVES it!

Photo Feb 08, 8 15 06 PM

The Magrath Dress & Tunic is on sale now for only $7. It is a layered pattern in sizes 12-18 mo to 12 years, comes with clear photographs and instructions with measurements in both metric and imperial units. You won’t regret getting this pattern 🙂 Happy Sewing!!!

4 thoughts on “Magrath Dress & Tunic – Pattern Testing

  1. I love both your versions. The yellow zipper is a great color pop. The photos are so cute I didn’t even see the spoon until I read it in the post. 🙂


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