Hello and welcome to my stop on the Breaking Ground Blog Tour!  The theme behind this tour hosted and organized by Melissa Evans of Mahlica Designs is that, we would be breaking ground by sewing a pattern new to us, or attempting something new – a new style, fabric, garment type, something that is new to us. The perfect excuse to get out and make something out of the comfort zone!

I got the Carrie Cardigan a couple years ago when it was first released as part of the Sew What Club membership. I was very drawn to the laid back yet stylish look of this sweater but never ended up making it at that time. Very recently, when the pattern was re-released, I was going to sew it up and pair it with my waterfall raglan for the Make it Mine Tour but somehow that didn’t end up happening either!

So for this tour, I picked the Carrie Cardigan by Delia Creates because it’s breaking new ground for me both in terms of the pattern designer and the garment type. In spite of having accumulated quite a few cardigan patterns during sales and such, I have never actually made a cardigan for myself before.

The Carrie Cardigan is a relaxed slouchy style Cardigan with dolman sleeves. It can be made in two hem lengths and two sleeve length. I chose short sleeves and short length and paired it with an earlier version of my waterfall.


I got this black and grey stripey sweater knit from JoAnn specifically for this pattern and I think it worked out perfectly. After wearing it, I realized I would have loved the longer length too, maybe next time?



This pattern is ridiculously quick to make. I had the pattern printed and cut from earlier but I cut my fabric (even matched stripes), sewed- serged- pressed it, photographed it, made lunch for my family and made it in time for “Beauty and Beast” matinee show in just a few hours! That’s how fast it comes together folks! I am not sure why I didn’t do this earlier but it’s going to be perfect for spring now that the temperatures are starting to rise a bit.



I definitely like this style and a few more would be great to have in rotation. A long Carrie Cardigan in slub knit would be great to throw on during school drop offs and park dates I’m thinking! So have any of your recent projects been ground breaking for you? I would love to hear!

Meanwhile here’s what other bloggers have been doing as part of the Breaking Ground Blog Tour:

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17 thoughts on “Breaking Ground Blog Tour

  1. I haven’t had a ton of time to do any breaking ground… as much as I wanted to join in on this. I love this cardi on you and the waterfall with your little necklace is a great combo.

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    1. Thanks! Slouchy and oversized is something I don’t feel I can pull off, but this cardigan has changed that for me, time to embrace more relaxed styles now 🙂


  2. I’m always trying to break new ground (kidding). I made my first cardigan last year and couldn’t believe how easy they are. I think I was really intimidated by using sweater knits. Thank you for trying something new.

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    1. Thanks Melissa, I think i got stuck in the rut with tops and dresses. I cant wait to try different garment types especially pants and a few cardigans too!


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