Hi friends!

I made a jumpsuit, my first ever! and I am so ridiculously excited about it! Honestly, the only reason I even ventured to make one was because of the designers behind it. You know you are in safe hands when the people creating the pattern are as talented as Gabriela of Chalk and Notch Designs and Celina of Ensemble patterns. Not only is their sense of style impeccable, but their attention to detail in drafting the pattern and the tutorial is simply outstanding.


As you have probably seen all over the sewing community, this pattern is a collaboration of two patterns the Orchid Midi and the Parasol Trouser and Jumpsuit. The Orchid Midi Dress is a wrap bodice with a midi length skirt. View A has ruffle sleeves and View B has long sleeves with a gathered cap and wrist. Parasol Trouser and Jumpsuit is a double wrap tank bodice with high waisted trousers and comes in three different lengths along with a separate high waisted Trouser pattern with a concealed waistband.

While they are fabulous all on their own, this collab pattern – Orchid X Parasol allows you to mix and match three bodice and sleeve options and four bottoms options that can be sewn together for several fabulous looks 🙂


I have always steered clear of any jumpsuits whether handmade or ready to wear, I just didn’t think my frame could carry that kind of design. But when Gabriela asked if I was interested in testing this option, I figured this was my best chance to dip my toes into this style. And I’m so glad I did!


Since I’d already tested the Orchid Midi dress by this point, I knew what adjustments I needed, namely shortening the bodice by 1/2″. I made a size 0 for the bodice with the ruffle sleeve option. For the trousers, all my measurements put me squarely into size 0, the finished measurements chart is extremely helpful while picking a size.  I shortened the pants length by 3″ and cut straight into my main fabric (I highly recommend NOT SKIPPING the muslining part). I used this amazing Paisley rayon challis from Surge Fabric shop, I really do recommend this fabric for all rayon challis projects because it is  so drapey, flowy and soft but also not slippery and slinky.


I finished making the jumpsuit, beltloops and all and tried it on for the first time and it was love!!! It was one of those things that you love so much just because you feel so good in it without actually having to look at yourself in the mirror, does that happen to you?

Where do I start? I love everything about this jumpsuit! everything! but if i had to  pick a few, the gathered bodice with the yokes and the sleeves!! the ruffle sleeves are so fun and flirty! And the pockets, seriously the slant pockets, their construction integrated with the trousers is just genius. And I love the wide belt option!



If you’re on the fence on whether a jumpsuit is for you, these patterns with multiple options are a great start, so give them a try!

I also tested the Orchid Midi dress, so I am going to leave you with a few pictures of my midi dress. I used a border print rayon crepe that I got from a fabric outlet called Zinck’s fabric, they have a nice collection of apparel fabrics. This fabric too was remarkably non-shifty and a breeze to work with!



This pattern like all other Chalk and Notch patterns is such a joy to sew up. It’s not something you can sew up in an hour but that’s the beauty of the pattern. The construction is so beautifully detailed and everything goes together so smoothly that you will want to enjoy the process rather than sew in a hurry.

Happy Sewing friends!

7 thoughts on “Orchid Parasol Jumpsuit

    1. Thanks so much Abbey! I was so bent on using this fabric that I managed to squeeze this jumpsuit out of 2 yards!! And yes a knit one is next on my list!


  1. Both looks are so beautiful! I’m so glad you tried the jumpsuit – it makes me think I ought to give it a try, too, since I have stayed away from jumpsuits all my life! I also love the dress on you. Absolutely gorgeous!!


    1. Thanks so much, Emi! I can’t even believe how obsessed I have suddenly become with jumpsuits! Yes I hope you give it a go, I know you’d look amazing in it!


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