Sewing the Nara pants set me on such an interesting exciting pants making journey. It opened up a category of clothing for me that didn’t exist before and helped complete my understanding of how I can define my style.

I’ve always loved the things that I’ve made and they’ve contributed immensely to the development of my sewing skills. But the journey I am on now feels more wholesome, consolidating how I feel, how I want to live, how I want to dress my physical form which is and which I want to be a reflection of my soul. It is wonderful to be inspired to create something extraordinary to challenge oneself and to explore a different possibility but lately I’ve been inspired in a simpler direction to delve deep into my own reserves, chase my own reality. And sewing my own clothes has brought so much meaning and has been integral to be able to express and live my life through the clothes I wear.

My husband says I went from not sharing anything personal on my blog to throwing up every single thought that swirls in my head. Maybe he’s right! But realizing that how I want to do this, what I want my blog and feed to reflect, and what I want to sew have finally after all these years aligned in one plane in my head such that sewing isn’t a hobby anymore but it’s central to how passionately I feel about living this life . I don’t believe I have anything to preach or teach but through the things that I make and share, I want to represent honestly the things that I am passionate about and someday stand up for things even if in this quiet corner of my world.

There was no doubt in my head about making a pair of floral pants as part of my everyday wear but midway through making them, I started to worry that the picture in my head wouldn’t translate well into real life if these ended up looking like pajamas. So I made these ties hoping that a belt would elevate them to real pants. As it turns out, I love them either way and might just prefer the effortless beltless version more! and completely adore those ties around the collar.

Part of the fun in making these pants has been pairing them with other tees and blouses in my closet and being delighted in their versatility. I am choosing to share this particular outfit because this one spoke to me more, feels more like me. It’s my husband’s shirt that’s been sitting in the to-be-donated pile for at least 5 years if not more. I love repurposing his old shirts but I can’t remember if there was a reason I was holding on to it other than the fact that it was 100% cotton. In any case, I started taking the shirt apart fully intending to make a regular sleeved button up out of it. After I took the sleeves apart and tried it on, I loved how the shirt shoulders drooped over mine like cap sleeves. So I used the Willamette shirt pattern by Hey June patterns placing the neckline as close to the shirt’s neckline as possible and the placket edge (of the pattern) just beyond the shirt’s placket. All I did was draw a gentle underarm curve, down the side of the shirt (removing almost 3″ from the side seam of the original shirt). I couldn’t keep the original hem because the shirt was way too long, so again I followed the curve of the willamette shirt removing about 3″ in length and hemmed it. Following this shirt, I’ve made 2 others like this repurposing them from my husband’s old shirts but this will always remain a favorite. I don’t know if it was the timing of how I needed to do it to keep my fingers and therefore my mind busy or because of how without a definite plan, it ended up like a shirt that feels like me or a combination of the two but this right here is my favorite shirt.

The cotton lawn for my pants was chosen by me and gifted by Minerva as part of their minerva ambassador program. All the details on fabric type and texture and my experience working with it as well as all the pants fit and adjustment details are included on the Minerva site linked here. Outfit details: Nara pants by Coffee and Thread patterns blogged here.

*Willamette Shirt by *Hey June patterns.



*If you buy the pattern through one of my affiliate links, I get a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. Thank you for considering.

2 thoughts on “Floral Naras and a refashioned Button up blouse

  1. Indu, loving this whole look! And these floral Nara pants are too cute with a gingham Willamette. Glad you’ve been feeling more like you’re getting a better understanding of your style and how you want your clothing to be a reflection of who you are and how you feel about everything around you. And your can tell your husband that your sew friends do not at all mind your blog convos and ramblings 😁


    1. Abbey, your comments always brighten up my day! Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts😘
      Lol I’m glad to hear you don’t mind my runaway thoughts!


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