Consistency is my biggest motivating factor, and I am working hard on being consistent in writing and posting. I feel disorganized when I post sporadically but get anxious when I post too much. But I am trying to remember that this is where I speak and analyze my thoughts out loud, process them and document them. This journal is helpful for me and I hope helpful for anyone else who like me are trying to drown out the voices that condition them into thinking what they should wear or what they should look like.

Before I abruptly abandoned sharing my daily outfits during the Me Made May challenge on ig, I found myself enjoying that kind of consistency. With a little planning, I enjoyed how I was looking forward to getting dressed every day and putting together outfits that I loved and cherished rather than grabbing the first pair of leggings and tees. I’ve been trying a similar thing these last few weeks even if I’m not documenting them with pictures and feel like I have a better grasp of the outfits I tend to prefer these days.

Continuing my love affair with wide leg pants in the summer of 2021, are these Emerson Crop Pants. I made these in linen before (blogged here), my very first pair of linen pants that have been well-loved and well-worn for the last couple years. They fit well, and I like the flat front and cropped style, so I was really excited to incorporate this pattern into my summer sewing list this year as well.

One of the reasons that I’m in dire need of pants is how much my measurements have changed in the last year or so. Besides the obvious fit issues, none of my woven pants from the past (all pants really) are comfortable at the waist. So for this pair, I went up a size. My current waist and hip measurements are 28.5″ and 36.5″ which are just a little over size 4 so I made the high waisted option in a straight size 4. I didn’t alter the rise but I did shorten the inseam at the hem by about 3″. These pants fit really well and the only alteration I think I need is to scoop out the crotch curve just a little bit more for a better fit across the seat. It’s funny that it wasn’t until I looked up my previous post from 2 years ago that I realized that I said I’d do the exact same alteration for my next pair. I usually make notes on my pattern pieces on the adjustments I made, so I can remember what I did. I think the sensible thing would be to start a sewing journal to record my makes with specific notes and alterations especially for patterns that I continue to make repeatedly.

For fabric, I chose a washed crinkle cotton from Stylemaker Fabrics. They send out a birthday coupon every year. Last year, I got some lovely Atelier Brunette fabric and this year, I picked fabrics like the light weight denim that I used for my Pomona pants in my last post and this washed crinkle cotton. This fabric however was a bit of a surprise. I think because of the name, I was expecting a more double gauze like feel and drape. It has a wonderful washed texture but unlike gauze it’s a sturdier fabric, almost like a linen making it pretty ideal for my purpose of making pants. It doesn’t wrinkle as much as linen. This fabric could’ve just as easily worked for pants or slacks with more structure. The fabric is 100% cotton and 53″ wide so I needed only about 1 and 1/4 yard to make this pair.

The color of these pants, a dusty rose is something i’ve been wanting for some time now. I’d been searching for linen in shades like light mauve, or a dusty pink but everything I found was a blend of some sort with either a viscose or rayon mixed in instead of the 100% linen that I’ve been wanting. Even though this is not linen, these pants feel just like a well-worn lived in pair of linen pants, so I’m really happy with this fabric.

Much like with the other pants I’ve made this season like the Nara Pants and Pomona Pants, I’ve tried these on with cotton blouses and button up shirts from my closet and I like how these pants fit right in with the others. This pairing with the marcel tank is however my favorite maybe because the tiny florals and the gathered cropped tank make it seem so romantic. I made this tank as a muslin to check fit when I was pattern testing the Marcel dress pattern last year. The fabric is a light weight cotton gauze that drapes beautifully and seems perfect for the heat wave we’ve been having.

Pants: Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias with fabric from Stylemaker fabrics

Tank:  Marcel dress & Tank Top from Chalk and Notch Patterns with cotton gauze.

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