He walked! He walked! He walked!

My baby doll took his first few steps yesterday. My brave li’l munchkin was standing leaning against an ottoman while I was sitting on a rocking chair across the room from him. One moment he was standing there playing with his sketch pen and the next he started taking one two three four five six little steps towards me just like that. I was so startled to see him walk so suddenly and unexpectedly that I didn’t even react on time to catch his video. I very well should have, considering how my phone was within reach and how I was so ideally positioned to at least click a picture or two. Maybe another time when I am a little less dazzled by my champ. Pfft like that’s ever gonna happen! I’ll always be in awe of this little bundle that gives me so much joy. I love you my son!

What he had for breakfast today – Mommy’s blueberry plum parfait
2 organic plums – Cut in half, remove the seed and place them with the open side down in a baking tray filled with 1 inch water and bake for about 20 min at 400 degree F and gently peel the skin off with your fingers
1/4 cup organic blueberries – raw or lightly stewed in water for 10 min
3 tbsp multigrain cereal
2 tbsp greek yogurt (I used fage)

Blend all the ingredients together and serve!

Blueberry plum parfait - before blending
Blueberry plum parfait

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