I am so thankful to be part of this amazing sewing community which has taught me so much. It is both amazing and humbling to realize how much I’ve been able to grow and improve in what started as a little hobby. From learning how to make bias tape to installing invisible zippers, (though what really drove me insane in the beginning was trying to understand the difference between linings, underlinings, facings and interfacings!) it has been such a fulfilling journey. Making a jacket has been another step up in this journey, one that I am extremely grateful for 🙂

I have always shied away from attempting to sew jackets because I mean jackets?!? metal zippers and linings and all kinds of complicated things (in my head at least) so you can imagine by excitement at what I am going to be sharing today – The Ollie Bomber Jacket by Sew a Little Seam.


The Women’s Ollie Bomber Jacket which goes from sizes 0/2 (32″ bust) to 28 (50″ bust) can be made with sturdy knits such as french terry, liverpool knit or sweatshirt Fleece. It can be made fully lined and reversible like i did with mine or left unlined but still very cleanly finished. And it has welt pockets, that add both style and practicality.


For my jacket here, I used a textured knit and a Lurex silver-grey rib knit for the cuffs, waistband and neck and a stable cotton jersey from the Doodles collection for the Lining. All fabrics and zippers were purchased from Jo Ann fabrics.



Here’s a closeup of the welt pockets, that came out pretty darn nice, but I forgot to get closer shots ’cause I was busy getting embarrassed by the sudden appearance of our new neighbors 🙂

I have tested the Linden Shorts for Kelly before, and I really like her easy to understand instructions and tutorials. Making those welt pockets and installing that metal zipper perfectly in a fully lined jacket without using my seam ripper EVEN ONCE is proof of how well laid out her instructions and illustrations are!

The Women’s Ollie Bomber Jacket is priced at $7 and there is a special coupon code for group members if you join her Facebook group here.

In all honesty, making a jacket for the little one was not part of my original plan but somehow I had the pattern, left over fabric and an extra reversible zipper (?!?) on hand so I ended up making the Children’s Ollie Bomber jacket.


I doubt I’ll ever stop gushing at how cleanly that zipper installed!!!


You can see the welt pockets so much better on hers, they are a good size for little hands and are functional too.


And, here is the other side of the jacket, all seams are enclosed with a tiny bit of hand stitching required in the back.

And because we decided to get pictures together, with a tripod, and timer, the remote decided to run out of charge this morning, we have some weird angle shots for you 🙂 If it looks like we are sweating, it’s because we are! The jackets are quite warm and I was doing a fair bit of running uphill and downhill to set the timer in between shots.




Thanks to this pattern , my jacket sewing experience has been so positive I feel ready to tackle more jackets this fall!

Both the Women’s Ollie Bomber Jacket and the Children’s Ollie Bomber jacket are on sale now for only $4.90 with the coupon code when you join the Sew a Little Seam Facebook group.

It’s a great pattern with really great instructions and if it is your first time making a jacket, you will find this pattern incredibly easy to work with. I hope you will give this a try!

Happy Sewing!!!

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