Polina dress by Coffee and Thread patterns was released earlier this week and you’ve probably seen so many adorable versions floating around. The PDF pattern world is really amazing isn’t it? I mean so many woven dress patterns out there, what could yet another new pattern offer right? wrong! this pattern is refreshingly beautiful, it’s a classic vintage inspired dress with adorable circular frills. I couldn’t resist and made one in each view.



Ahh I have missed sewing with woven fabric, this was such a satisfying sew! I love the crisp hems, foldlines and the general good behavior that only woven fabrics tend to display 😛 This is a cotton lawn that my mom sent to me from India, earlier this year. Its more of a teal-aqua than the blue that the pictures seem to reflect. We were having so many technical difficulties the day of the shoot – the wind, the cold and to top it all, my little one was sick. I have to mention this though, she’s such a great sport she knew how desperate mama was for pictures. She was standing, posing and twirling there, I felt super guilty that afternoon!


The bodice is fully lined here, but you have the option to make it unlined as well using bias tape to finish the neckline and armholes. This view A has long frills on the sides with a circle skirt and flared ties. If you’ve been here before you know what a big proponent of circle skirts my daughter is. The twirl is unbeatable!

Look at all that wind, the weather was not very co-operative 😦

I have never done ruffles of this kind before, those ruffles add so much beauty and charm to the dress. They are not just rectangular strips of gathered fabric, and I found myself so excited to make this dress. Obviously I had to try the other view as well!


I love the colors, frills, buttons and just how this view turned out. However, my photos don’t do this dress a whole lot of justice so bear with me here!

I hope this picture properly shows the vintage vibe I was hoping my choice of fabric would bring to the dress!

Fun fact: These are eco-friendly coconut shell buttons!

I used nani iro spectacle double gauze for the ruffles and a cotton linen blend for the main dress. This view as you can see has the circular frill around the neck and a gathered skirt. The bodice on this is completely lined as well. I didn’t make the unlined version but I simply love how beautiful the inside of this dress looks, all the seams enclosed and the button placket construction is so neat!


Okay now for some final statements, if you love woven dresses, if you want to start sewing more with woven dresses, you will love this pattern. Some patterns you’ll love for the design features and some patterns for their exceptional quality of design and instructions, and the Polina dress pattern most definitely fulfills both categories! It is currently on sale for $7.00 USD and an additional 10% when you join the Coffee and Threads Facebook group. You can check out all the gorgeous tester versions here.

And there’s a fun GIVEAWAY that Olga is hosting, enter to win the Polina Dress pattern for free along with 2 yards of a gorgeous cotton+steel fabric!

Don’t forget to enter in the RAFFLECOPTER.

8 thoughts on “Polina Dress – Pattern Test for Coffee and Thread Patterns

  1. I’ve been waiting to see this release. The neck ruffles are so neat and like nothing else that has been released. Very cute. I love the blue fabric too!

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