This was one pattern test I didn’t actually jump in nor was I planning to! Jeans and top stitching and fitting adjustments were not something I felt ready for at this point. Somewhere in my vague sewing plans, jeans were going to be part of 2018. But when Marisa really needed testers in my size, I figured I’d at least try and if it didn’t work, it didn’t work! but work it did! Even my first quick and dirty muslin showed so much promise, I revved up to sew my final pair in denim french terry! And that my friends is how I sewed up my very first pair of skinnies – The Scarlett Moto Skinnies*



I want to talk about my fabric first. I don’t know what I was planning on making when I ordered this Indigo denim french terry from LA Finch fabrics because who orders only 1 yard of denim? I was just intrigued by the name and obsessed with all things french terry at that point so might have ordered it. Good thing too because it’s sold out now! This is a fabric I super recommend!


When it arrived, I realized the yardage was way too less for pants so it just sat there. When my muslin turned out so well, I was determined to make my denim FT work for this pattern. Using super tetris skills, I was able to get all the moto pattern pieces and the contoured waistband (with lining) in 1 yard! ONE YARD!!! (it was over 60″ wide) Sometimes being short is not so bad 😀 especially when you take out a whopping 4.5″ in length!


The Skinnies* as the name suggests are snug fitted, ankle length pants that can be made both in plain and moto style. The moto front involves some piecing, pleating and top stitching details that are a little bit labor intensive but not at all difficult. I made these on my regular sewing machine with denim needles and denim top stitching thread in blue. I was worried my poor generic Singer machine would die on me, so I did go slow especially on all flat felled seams but it worked just fine. Once you’ve got the front legs done with all the moto pieces attached, pleated and top stitched, it goes relatively fast, well! as fast as flat felling denim fabric on all seams including a four point crotch seam can go! You can definitely skip that step and just serge your seams from inside,. That is another option that is included, which I think would work great with a fabric like stretch twill but for denim, taking the effort to flat fell all seams definitely contributes to the overall look.


After my last not-so-creative back pocket top stitching on my daughter’s denim shorts, I made up this loopy curvy design for my back pockets. Using a piece of chalk, I drew on one pocket and transferred the design to the other pocket, and then topstitched with a narrow zigzag stitch.  I’m pleased with how they turned out 🙂


So are you ready to give these a go? There’s a pants fitting guide E-book included to address all your fitting adjustment concerns. The woven waistband option has an invisible side zipper, or you can skip the zipper and do the knit waistband option instead. There’s a plain front option you can choose without all the moto pieces to get a well fitting pair of skinnies. As far as pants go, this is as easy at it gets, its a step above leggings but not over complicated like jeans. You can get the pattern here* , available in sizes 00-26, can be printed in layers with a copy shop file also included now for only $7.75 USD.

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