Ever since I made my first Carrie Cardigan, I had been itching to make one in long sleeve, actually kinda regretting not making the first one in longer length and long sleeves to begin with. To say that I am obsessed with this cardigan would be putting it mildly. See I am even blogging about it even though it isn’t a new pattern release or blog tour (which is all I seem to be doing on my blog)!

And the strangest part is that I don’t even wear oversized or slouchy anything, I don’t think I have the frame to carry off that style! But the Carrie Cardigan is something else! It is one of those things that I was completely in love with even before trying it on! Does that happen to you? knowing that you are going to love (like reeeeeally love) something before you even start sewing?

The color and the fabric i picked might have a little something to do with why I love it so much too.


This sweater knit drapes so well, it is so soft and cozy, and the teal navy variegated stripes have me all heart-eyed, so I purchased it even though I have no idea about its quality or how well it’s going to hold up after a few washes.

Getting back to my love for this cardigan, the long cuffed sleeves is hands down my favorite design feature. But the general silhouette of this pattern, and how well the back and the sides hang rather than scrunch up, I find incredibly flattering.



I have been wearing both this and my short sleeved Carrie Cardigan a lot during chilly mornings around here. Another reason why this cardigan works so well is because of how the sleeves are designed, so you are not limited to wearing it only over tank tops. I like to layer them over my Seafarer Tops and Union St Tees.

Do you wanna see another reason why I am so much in love with this cardigan? These pulled up sleeves! I think they’re amazing, don’t you?



More reasons to love this? It is so quick to make, you can literally whip one out in under 2 hours. Also if you’re heading into fall,  this is a fabulous layering piece!

In case you were interested in a super saturated picture of me in my Seafarer Top, here’s one just for you 🙂 in one of my favorite Art gallery prints that I got almost 2 years ago from Raspberry Creek fabrics.


Have you started sewing for fall? What are your favorite layering patterns? I would love to know!

Happy Sewing!

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