This is my second project as part of the Indiesew Blogger team and I am bubbling with excitement to share all the details with you. The Tea House Dress has been on my sewing list from the time it was released. It has several interesting features like the neck yokes, angled pockets and some unique seam lines. For my perfect-for-summer dress, I chose to make view E, which is the above knee length dress with spaghetti style waist ties.


I had marked this particular ikat fabric for this pattern right from the time it arrived from India. My mom is my official fabric curator/ stash builder, she’s always picking up new fabrics with interesting textures or prints to add to my otherwise humble collection. I chose this blue, almost denim like looking ikat because I feel like it lends to the effortless and casual style of this pattern and also because this fabric just screams summer to me.


This is my first time working with ikat and I was surprised at how different it is from what I imagined. I thought ikats were sturdier like chambray or poplin but this fabric is more like a soft linen in terms of how it likes to stretch out. The pattern instructs to stay- stitch and interface many of the pieces so that took care of most of the stretching problems except for the top of the pockets which stick out a little. Since the ikat weave is quite busy in itself, I didn’t manipulate or play with the direction in any way instead choosing to keep the design as seamless as possible. Another fun fact about this kind of fabric is that the design is woven into it and not printed upon so there is no right or wrong side to it 🙂


My measurements (32″ bust and 36″ hips) would have required me to blend out from size 0 to a size 2 but, based on the ease as indicated in the finished measurements chart, I sewed a straight size 0 with the only alteration being shortening the bodice by 3/4″ and  the hem by 1″. I found the instructions and illustrations very straightforward, and the steps to stay-stitch around the neckline and yoke areas were especially helpful in order to be able to maintain shape and symmetry.


My original plan was to make the wide sash but as I was starting to cut the fabric, I felt like with the print, the wider silhouette and shorter length, the minimal looking spaghetti ties were a better choice and I am glad too because I really love that little channel detail in the back.


This pattern is so perfect for summer dresses and tops and because it comes in a couple different lengths and views, I like that I can use this pattern a few more times with slight variations and still have them look different. I can’t wait to try it in linen and maybe tea length for next time! That wraps it for my Tea House Dress post.



This pattern was provided to me by Indiesew, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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