Now that sonny boy is close to being 9 months old, we decided its time he learnt to appreciate and enjoy being outdoors as much as we do. My husband and I, we both love being outside. Saturday mornings are especially reserved for drives to the beaches, mountains, parks, trails or woods. This weekend, We decided we’d picnic at Lake Chabot. For those who have never been there, let me tell you its one awesome place to fish, hike, camp or just picnic with your family. The trails are simply beautiful.The trail we followed was alongside the lake all the way through. As we kept walking up the path, steps lead down to little fishing decks that jutted onto the lake. The weather was perfect, bright sunny and breezy. Our stroller’s not really trail friendly so we walked only about half a mile and found the most picturesque picnic spot. It was just a nice clean bench in the shade of a couple trees. A few feet beyond the roots of the trees, the land sloped to join the lake and here there was another small bench. All this place lacked was a hammock.
For his first picnic, baby had a remarkably good time. We took lots of pictures, we even had a tripod so got some awesome family shots. All in all we had a glorious day. I am hoping this is the first of several more such amazing trips with my boys.

at the bench by the lake

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