Encouraged by the success of our first picnic, we planned another one this weekend. I am surprised that after all my talk about us being outdoorsy, we weren’t even aware of this beautiful place. The drive to the state park is simply breathtaking. The only other drives that had captivated me so much were the ones to Stinson beach and to Mt. Tamalpais. Its just mounds and mounds of greenery all over and somewhere in the middle a big body of soothing blue water. Lake del val is truly a jewel of a place. It is so cut off from the city and traffic and highways that you get an unobstructed unpolluted view of nature in all its resplendence.
Once we got there we parked and chose to spread our blanket under a tree rather than sit on a bench. We chomped away on our kebabs, rotis and salad while baby had his puréed veggies and fruits. Fruit yogurt for dessert and some cookies and hot chai latte (brewed at home and carried in a thermos) for snack time completed our picnic hamper. Lazing under the dappled shade of trees, giggling and fooling around with our precious boy, long meaningful conversations with each other made our picnic that much more beautiful.

Since I couldn

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