I sure hope there are at least a couple more takes of this hike which goes to say we didn’t make it to the summit this time either. We took sometime to research jogging strollers and ended up getting one. So this weekend we tried to hike up the mission peak with the baby in the stroller. The weather was relatively cool and we were all revved up to do better than last time. I kept telling my husband that my only wish was to somehow get to the second marker bench which would at least be the midpoint from the start to the top. Going uphill made no difference to me either way coz I neither carried the baby backpack last time nor pushed the baby stroller this time. But boy oh boy I realized that resolution and will power will only take you so far, beyond that you need physical endurance which tragically I do not possess. By the time we reached the first bench, I thought we were going right back but to my surprise my husband kept pushing forward like a maniac. He really wanted to turn my stupid wish true. The path beyond the first bench was more winding, steeper and rougher but also alluring and even a tad bit shadier. My husband actually begged to stop in the shade once. That was when he declared that carrying the backpack had felt better than pushing the stroller. I tried pushing it to give my husband a few seconds of respite but soon gave up. When the second bench finally came in sight, I was glad we made it. The view was breathtaking! Blue waters from the bay, green velvety rolling hills and open blue skies, not to mention the wonderfully cool spring weather. I have every intention to make it to the third and eventually to the final bench as well. Now, I certainly believe persistence is key and that mental stamina charges you to push your physical strengths. With this new-found philosophy, I do hope to make it to the top soon!

View from the second bench as taken from our cell phone!

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