I’ve been busy testing some fabulous patterns, and having so much fun learning so many new things along the way. I enjoy testing patterns, especially when I know its a style I am going to use, but every once in a while I apply for a test even though I am not sure its my style. When I saw the tester call for the Penelope Pleated Camisole from Laela Jeyne Patterns, I was not sure if I wanted to make a camisole what with the cold season approaching fast. But look at it! its not just any camisole, it’s a very dressy and cute camisole that is just perfect for layering. I love everything about it.


Its meant to be made with woven fabrics, and I think choice of fabric impacts how fancy or casual the pleated penelope is going to look. Rayon challis and voile are the recommended fabrics but I bet a drapey chiffon would look gorgeous too. As with all Laela Jeyne patterns that I have made so far, this one also has its own unique elements that really sets it apart from any other pdf patterns for camisoles I have seen thus far.


The pleats, I love the pleats in this pattern, specially the folded pleats at the neckline and the inverted pleat in the back. The pleats were why I just had to test this cute pattern. and the curved hem too!


I love the drape of rayon challis, though I don’t find it the easiest of fabrics to work with. The elastic at the waist needs to be cinched in a tad more but I love that it looks great by itself or layered with a cardigan.


The pattern has instructions to make bias tape for the neckline, armholes and straps and the hem is finished with a rolled hem. Marisa has done all the math work for pleating and has a handy dandy template to use to mark and fold pleats. She also includes instructions to customize fit for torso length and bust adjustment.



The pattern includes pictures and illustrations for every step from pleating the front and back to the rolled hem finish, and also a chart with final garment measurements to help you pick your size. Its a great piece to have in the wardrobe, and with the right choice of fabric its great for both date nights or for office wear under a cardigan. Grab your copy of the Penelope Pleated Camisole (affiliate link) at sale price now before it goes back to its regular price.

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