This past week, I really did bite off more than I could chew. Signing up for testing a bunch of patterns while the husband and kids were home was not the smartest thing to do. But can you really blame me? How could I pass up on these fantastic patterns and a chance to work with these amazing pattern designers! After sewing like a crazy person the week before, I had sworn to NOT sign up for anymore tests till the end of this month. I was only casually browsing when I came upon a testing call for a quick sew sweater by Stephanie (KB Stitch Designs affiliate link). 2 seconds of self-restraint later, I found myself filling up the tester form while planning what fabric to use for this ridiculously awesome Bayside Bateau Sweater.



The bayside bateau is a fitted boat neck sweater with a feminine scooped back neckline, in a cropped length or a high-hip length with elbow length and full length sleeve options. This layered PDF pattern comes in size range XXS to XXXL with instructions to lengthen/shorten bodice height or blend between sizes. The recommended fabrics to use for this pattern are sweater knit, cotton lycra, cotton jersey or French terry (with approximately 25% stretch).


The scooped back neckline is one of my favorite features of this pattern.

This was the first version I made during testing in a grey cotton jersey with a heavy double knit for the hem bands in size S, high hip length and elbow-length sleeves. For the fabric I used, I like the fit and drape and also the fact that it stayed put on my shoulders without sliding off. The shoulders and arm scythes have since been modified to fit even better.



For my final version, I decided to use the holiday themed sweatshirt fleece from Jo Ann fabrics that I’d been dying to use since I first laid eyes on it.


I sized down to XS for this version, and I really like the snug fit on this one. I chose to skip the bands on the sleeves as they were quite long on me as it is (I am shorter than average).

A fun feature of this pattern is that it can be worn backwards too with the scooped neckline in the front.




What I love about this pattern:

  • Quick and easy pattern assembly
  • Very few pattern pieces (front, back and sleeve)
  • Folded hem bands (No measuring, turning, pinning and hemming to finish the neckline, sleeves and hemlines)
  • Comes together incredibly fast (less than an hour)
  • It is a fitted sweater – I own boring store bought sweaters, and now I can use all the sweater knit, sweatshirt fleece and french terry to make well-fitted cute Bayside bateau sweaters.
  • The scooped back neckline
  • Does not take up a lot of fabric

I can go on about how great the fit is, how perfect the pattern pieces are and how easy the instructions are but really go on and get the Bayside Bateau Sweater pattern now while its on sale! You really should have it!

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