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I am so excited to share my Lana tops with you today 🙂 Honestly, the plan was to make one, just one! When I was invited for the tour, I immediately knew I wanted to make a Lana with pockets because that’s the first thing my daughter asks for these days! And it’s quite absurd coming from her because I have never actually seen those pockets being used. She doesn’t store stuff or use ’em to keep her hands warm so who knows why she needs pockets?! Anyway, I started off with a plan to make a dress with front inseam pockets (is that the correct term?) When I saw this quilted knit from raspberry creek fabrics, I knew it had to be a jumper. I love love love quilted knit for her, it’s so practical for our weather here and easy to layer!


I made some simple pattern alterations to get this look. I cut the pattern at the tee line and extended it by 5″ in length. I also made the side seams a slight A-line just to her a bit more room for monkeying! Around the hip point, I slashed the front pattern piece horizontally and added seam allowances to both the top and bottom pieces. And the pockets are just 5″ by 5″ square pieces that I placed about 1″ away from the side seams.


To keep the pockets from gaping open, I made sure to understitch their seam allowances to the bodice. They were still a bit floppy so I anchored them to the front; I used black thread and stitched across one of the quilted lines on the bottom of the pockets.


Why I used a contrast black velvet for the pockets and then took all that trouble to make sure they stay hidden is beyond me but it was around that time I figured it needed a black velvet top to layer inside.


Again I used the Lana top but the full sleeve version without ruffle. I shortened the top length slightly, added a mock neck which was the same length as the neck band but 6″ in height (3″ when folded in half). For the wrist, I added a flounce 3″ in length, I made sure the inner circumference was the same as the sleeve opening. Here’s an overexposed picture so you can see the details slightly better.


This is a super snuggly top and a great layering piece for fall and winter!


And now for the final Lana, this was actually not made for the tour. I started working on this peplum velvet top right after we finished testing the Lana Kids pattern.


For this version, I cut the top length, shortened it by 1.5″ and then added the peplum. The peplum is almost double the width of the top and 4″ in height. She’s quite enamoured by this fabric and its shimmeriness :))



So there you have it! My lana tops three ways! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to get a copy of your lana tops and dresses (with the full sleeve option included). They are currently on sale for 20% off regular price with the coupon code “lanatour”.


6 thoughts on “Lana Top and Dress Tour

  1. I love all of her Lana tops! They’re all so different yet so cute in their own way. I am tempted to copy them for my girls – and that peplum version for myself, heh heh!


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