Hello friends,

If you can even believe it, in almost 6 years of sewing, I have never made a woven skirt for myself! Unless of course you’re counting denim skirts which I have, a couple times. But with the zipper and jean button and everything, they’re like jeans both in terms of making and wearing, don’t you think? Anyhow, my point is that I haven’t worn a skirt in ages and when Athina asked if I was interested in making the Adriana skirt, I thought “why not?”


What intrigued me most about the pattern is the asymmetrical pleated waist. There are pleats on one side of the waist while the other side maintains the sleek A line shape. I think that makes for a very interesting detail. The way the pleats are added on top of the waistband to create a paper-bag look is quite genius and so neat. That’s the other thing that I really liked about this pattern – really clean finishing on the inside of the garment. The pattern does come with a regular waistband option without the pleated panel extending over the waist. Both views have an invisible zipper closure in the back.




For my Adriana skirt, I chose to use this pink chambray from Surge Fabric shop. I had initially ordered this fabric to make a shirt dress. But when it arrived, I found that it is more medium than lightweight and is slightly crispy with some drape (I hope that description is making sense to you). I figured it was the perfect substrate for this pattern to both hold and show off the pleats well. The crisp pleats above the waistband, and the pleats flaring into a skirt below the waistband is just my most favorite thing about this skirt, if I haven’t already made it glaringly obvious from the one hundred pictures showing you the exact same detail 🙂


In the AK patterns size range, I measure a size 6 for my 32″ bust and slightly bigger than size 8 for my 26.5″ waist and 36″ hips. I sewed up a size 8 for the skirt but ahem! I couldn’t zip myself in so I took apart the skirt and waistband at the side seams and sewed them back up with a narrower seam allowance giving myself about an inch of eating and breathing room. The generous 5/8″ seam allowance included in this pattern was extremely convenient for this purpose. And for the length, I held the paper pattern against me and liked where the skirt length hit me, so I made no changes to it.



Overall, I am happy with this pattern and I really really love the pleats! and the fact that this skirt can be dressed up or down to be as dressy or as casual as I’d like!

In case, you were wondering, I made this skirt way back in January hence the lack of all the spring foliage in these pictures. But right now, the weather has gotten warm enough that I can finally step out in my new pink pleated skirt. 🙂



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