I am so in love with my new dress! Turquoise and aqua blue are my favorite colors and to have a dress in that color in a liberty London no less is such a dream come true! I have loved this print from the first time I saw it but my happiness knew no bounds when I was gifted this fabric from Minerva.

I picked a pattern that I knew I already I loved and would wear it over and over again. The Celeste Dress* by Itch to stitch was one of my most worn dresses last summer so much so that it lost its sheen and faded by a couple shades. I’m happy to have been able to replace it with this new darling dress that I love so much.

All the details on the fabric and my size and fitting adjustments are all detailed in my Minerva blog here. If you’d like to buy this pattern, this is my affiliate link for the pattern: *Celeste Dress Pattern.

Happy Sewing!

*If you buy the pattern through one of my affiliate links, I get a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you and you will help support my blogging adventure. Thank you.

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